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We are a procurement and consulting team with several years of experience
working with Governments, organizations and private sector businesses within
the Middle-East, Africa and South East Asia. We specialize in procurement supply
chain management process from selecting vendors, strategic vetting, negotiation
of contracts, establishing payment terms and delivering tailored solutions to a
range of complex projects according to specification of our clients.


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Kenzai Consulting is a dynamic, project-oriented consulting firm headquartered in Cork,Ireland. Two decades of experience has earned us a reputation as one of the leading consulting firms in strategic planning, analysis, design and implementation of business and technology.

The key to successful project delivery is carefully defining project scope, deliverables, and milestones. Most of our work is carefully defined and managed projects, not staff supplementation which allows us to successfully complete tasks normally associated with much larger firms.

At Kenzai Consulting we deliver on time, and under budget.


Our Approach

Careful definition, detailed planning and tight management are the keys to successful on time and under budget project completion. Your project begins by identifying your business needs and goals. We consider the full scope of requirements for your project including; the technology infrastructure required to support the solution; any custom development requirements; and inclusion of WEB-Enabled technology where it is appropriate.

Customer projects incorporate:

• Business Re-Engineering that drives project goals and benefits.
• Technology Architecture designed to optimize data and systems infrastructure.
• Operations and Implementation team members dedicated to each project.
• Project Management including team management, status reporting, and accountability.

Well-defined proposals contain:

• Project Description
• Deliverables
• Milestones
• Detailed Project Plan
• Not-to-Exceed Costs

Over 95% of KENZAI’s projects are proposed on a not-to-exceed cost basis.

"At Kenzai Consulting, we think business… and apply technology."
Kenzai Consulting Inc.



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